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Let us clean your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)! We use a specialized machine and trained technicians to clean your filter. Our cleaning process will save hundreds of dollars when compared to replacing your truck’s DPF. Make an appointment today.
Diesel Particulate Filters first appeared on trucks in 2007 and they are the heart and soul of clean diesel technology. They strip and burn off most of the hydrocarbon that is found in diesel emissions and help protect the environment from this damaging and toxic carcinogen.
Overtime ash builds up in the filter and the filter only functions properly if it can “breathe” well. As the DPF builds up ash and residue it becomes time to clean the filter or replace it. If you take good care of your DPF and service it regularly it will last you 100’s of thousands of miles; however, if you neglect it, it will cause poor MPGs and could leave you stranded.
When it comes to DPFs, preventive maintenance is the best strategy and by partnering with Truck Enterprises you’ll get the service you need at the prices you want.
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