Kenworth is pleased to announce the arrival of the T680 Next Gen. This on-highway model combines the best qualities of the previous T680 and the modern features of its design specifications.

Fuel Efficiency

Compared to the 2012 model, the T680 Next Gen offers up to 6% more fuel efficiency by eliminating the space between the truck’s cab and its trailer plus side extenders that make the truck more aerodynamic.

An Aerodynamic Structure

The overall design of this truck including its narrow hood, bumpers, and wheel well closeouts make this model more aerodynamic than its predecessor.

The SmartWheel

The most prominent specification of the T680 Next Gen is the SmartWheel. It has adaptive cruise control, and it also features the following:

• Phone and radio controls
• Set Trip Segment
• Headway Adjustment
• Variable Road Speed Limiter

15-Inch Digital Display

The advanced instrument display has a customizable configuration that allows drivers to view their speed, fuel, coolant, and oil levels. It also displays the following data:

• Suspension load
• Brake App
• Axle temperatures
• Mileage
• Number of miles traveled

Side Fender Turn Signal

Slim turn signal light on each light fender allows drivers to see a driver’s intentions.

LED Headlights

The specially designed LED headlights are robust and durable. The daytime and nighttime running lights make the T680 more visible and distinctive on the road.

Collision Mitigation

Pre-emptive braking action can be triggered bythe model’s ability to detect collision.

Lane Change Alert

If this on-highway truck begins to move out of its lane without signaling, the system gives the driver a warning alert to make immediate adjustments.

No More Blind Spots!

The innovative design of this new model detects blind spots. The system lets the driver know by visual and audio signals.

Comfortable Accommodations


A sleeper with a 76-inch-high roof, along with an optional storage shelf and LED lights, makes for convenient relaxation on a long trip.

The latest model Kenworth T680 joins technology and style, introducing a new standard for the 21st-century long-haul truck.

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