Elgin and Bryant Earn Kenworth Master Tech Certifications

Elgin and Bryant Earn Kenworth Master Tech Certifications

Kyle Elgin - Kenworth Master TechnicianWalter Bryant - Kenworth Master Technician

Congratulations to Truck Enterprises’ newest Kenworth Master Techs. Kyle Elgin, of Truck Enterprises Richmond, Inc., in Richmond, VA and Walter Bryant, of Truck Enterprises, Inc. in Harrisonburg, VA, recently completed all the training and examinations required as part of the Kenworth Master Technician Certification Program.

Kenworth Master Tech Certification comes after 275 hours of study and countless hours of rigorous day-to-day truck service. In order to receive this esteemed certification, professional service technicians must complete the following courses: Kenworth Essentials, Engine Specialist, Alternative Fuels Specialist, Electronics Specialist, Chassis Specialist, HVAC Specialist, and Transmission Specialist Vehicle Systems Specialist.

Including Elgin and Bryant, there are less than 50 Certified Master Technicians in the country.

Truck Enterprises, Inc. places a major focus on continued training for all employees and the management team is extremely proud of Elgin’s and Bryant’s achievement. Corporate Service Director, John Gibson, shares his enthusiasm for their accomplishment,

“We are extremely proud of our guys. It takes a certain person to be able to successfully complete the Master Tech training. It requires commitment, internal discipline, and intelligence – both of these men have these qualities and earned their certification for that reason. As Service Director, it’s my goal to continue to build our locations with Master Techs, it is important for the industry and our customers. By doing so, we prove to our customers that we are committed to excellence and that they can Rely On Us!”