Buying A Used Commercial Truck - Top Ten Tips

Buying a used commercial truck is a big deal as there are so many different variables. Here's what we like to do...

1. First ask why the previous owner sold the truck

2. Ask about the history (don't be afraid to ask for records)

Next you can do this if you are mechanically minded or if not, have a mechanic do this... (When you buy from Truck Enterprises, Inc. we can give you a thorough report on the truck's condition.)

3. Check the oil 

4. Check the entire cab and body for rust

5. Inspect all major parts and systems

6. Inspect the interior (seats, gauges, sleeper area, etc.)

Afterward, check if it makes business sense...

7. Is is able to get financing? (Believe it or not, some trucks can't get financed because of age, model, etc.)

8. Is it able to get insured? (As with financing, some trucks are unable to be insured.)

9. Research the price, how does it compare to other trucks on the market (google trucks with the same make, model, mileage, and components if available)

10. If it all checks out, smile, and drive away in your new to you truck!